vendredi 18 mars 2011

The Mother : Amanda "Mandy" Dawn (Cornett) Teefey

Selena Gomez's mom, Mandy Teefy, actively supports her daughter's entertainment career in dreams. Mandy became pregnant to Selena Gomez's father at the age of 15 and gave birth to Selena in New York City. She married Selena's father, Ricardo Gomez, but the marriage ended when Selena turned 5 years old. Mandy first built a life and career around her own acting talents in Grand Prairie, Texas where the Cornett family is prominent. Mandy performed as a stage actress in nearby large city of Dallas Texas, which inspired Selena to seek opportunities as a child actor.

In 2004, Mandy worked as a finaling coordinator on animated projects like Ant Bully with DNA Productions located in Irving, Texas. In 2006, Mandy not only married her second husband, Brian Teehey, but also opened her own production company, July Moon Productions, with him. Even the name of her production company symbolizes the endless love she has for her only child, Selena. For example, Selena means, Moon in Greek. The July part of the name derives from the calendar month that Selena was born. When Selena earned the opportunity to star on a Disney Channel series, Mandy was able to move her production company from Dallas to Los Angeles as well.

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